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As a commercial construction company, SOBE Builders, LLC has built a solid reputation as an expert among commercial construction companies by establishing a trend for attention to detail, and by setting a number of safety standards in the industry. Through our efforts, we’re able to claim our place as one of the best and safest companies to work with.

Your Expert in Commercial Construction
As a commercial construction company in Miami we are able to furnish you with a wide range of services, the first, and most important being complete construction management from the start of the project all the way to the end. Beyond that, we’re proud to offer the following for your commercial establishment:

Professional Architectural Blueprints
Using Computer Aided Drafting software we can easily create a draft of your building, addition, or renovation with each new change carefully mapped out. With today’s modern technology we’re able to make immediate changes to the CAD file until you have exactly what you need.

Flooring and Interior Finishes
Heavy duty flooring for commercial construction in Miami is a must and we’re able to complete a number of different jobs, from laminate flooring, to hardwood, tile, and more.

All construction companies in Miami should be familiar with and attuned to the need for proper HVAC solutions. Not only is a proper HVAC installation critical in commercial construction, but so too is designing the building itself to accommodate an HVAC system.

Interior Work
We deal with interior design and remodeling which includes expert plumbing, drywall, stucco, framing, electrical, and much more.

Our services extend to demolition and waste removal, which is highly necessary during construction. IN addition to that, we perform lot clearing along with tile and asphalt roof pressure cleaning.


We stand apart from many other commercial contractors in that we offer this wide range of services and have the resources to perform them effectively. Other contractors work only in one or two areas, for example, some might frame, while others roof, and others take care of the electrical. This dynamic often forces you to hire multiple contractors who sometime refuse to work well with one another. This can become very confusing, which is precisely why you want to hire us to get the job done. We’ll perform the above services, and much more, ultimately making us an indispensable force in your commercial construction project.

Get your commercial construction project underway with out premium service

If you’re ready to get your commercial construction project off the ground, then now would be a great time to give us a call, or fill out the form below. Your project will be underway soon enough, with all of the right services in place to ensure that the job not only gets done correctly, but on time.




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